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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Top 14 Provisions Of Obama Care

Top 14 Provisions Of Obama Care

It's hard to find anything positive on Obama Care, so I wanted to give a snapshot of the Top 14 Provisions of Obama Care at a glance.

With all the negative information, lets try to see if there is any good in Obama Care.

1.  The Average American
 ( those making under 400% FLP) will most likely see a reduction in their insurance premiums and 30 of the 44 million without insurance will gain access coverage via the "Obama Care" exchanges, medicare  or Medicaid.
Obama Care offers a number of protections and benefits to all Americans. Beyond the 10 essential health benefits mandated by Obama Care additional benefits range from chipping away at preexisting conditions to expanding health services. Overall the quality of health care is increased, while the cost, in theory, will be reduced. Middle income Americans (those making between 133% - 400% of the federal poverty level ), and employees will be able to use tax credits and subsidies on the exchanges to save up to 60% of the current cost of premiums making insurance affordable for up to 23 million Americans.

2.  Obama Care for Women
    When it comes to women Obama Care offers many pros and few cons. 47 million women will gain access to women health services, including preventive and wellness services. Many of Obama Care's new benefits for women are required by law to have no out of pocket payments. There aren't many cons for women beyond those of the Average American, however there is the issue of contraception and it's availability. Obama Care expands contraception coverage.

3.  Obama Care for Low-Income Americans
Low-income Americans will enjoy more Obama Care provisions. Since Obama Care works on a sliding scale most low income Americans, especially those without insurance, will see nothing but benefits. Medicaid expansion will cover over 15 million previously uninsured low-income individuals and families below the 133% FLP mark.

4.  Obama Care for Seniors
Obama Care for Seniors include unprecedented reforms to Medicare, including closing the "donut hole" and expanding benefits and coverage options. Millions of Seniors have already saved money or taken advantage of the no out of pocket costs for wellness and preventive visits.

5.  Obama Care for Businesses
Small Businesses will only see the positives of Obama Care while firms who don't already provide insurance and their employees will face readjustment. However only .2% of firms with over 50 employees don't already provide insurance to their full-time employees. A big pro of Obama Care911 is that it provides millions in tax credits to small businesses with under 25 employees to help offset the cost of buying health insurance for their employees. Small business has historically struggled to provide benefits to workers and half of Americans uninsured are small business owners, workers or dependents.

6.   Obama Care Provisions

Most of Obama Care's 2000 plus pages are filled with really impressive and long overdo reforms to the $2.6 trillion dollar health care system. Obama Care gives 30 of 44 million uninsured Americans access to health insurance. Tens of millions of Americans have already benefited from Obama Care's improved health care services and the average family has already saved thousands on health care costs last year alone. 

7.   Obama Care New Health Care Benefits
Obama Care gives Americans access to hundreds of new health care benefits . There are too many to count, and would make for a pretty unbiased (looking) list. However these benefits,(aside form ones mentioned elsewhere on this page, include: No annual or lifetime limits, children can stay on their parents plans to 26, FDA can approve more generic drugs driving prices down and breaking monopolies and protections against discrimination for gender, disabilities and domestic abuse.

8.   Obama Care  Preventive and Wellness Services
Millions of Americans now have access to preventive and wellness services with no out of pocket costs.

9.   Obama Care Consumer Protections
ObamaCare regulates insurance, referred to as the "rate hike " review, enacts the "80/20" rule that makes health insurance providers spend at least 80% of their income on health and marketing expenses or must be returned as rebates and being dropped from coverage for being sick or denied from a preexisting condition are all out the window in the next few years. ObamaCare has a long list of protections that are protecting your new rights, including a mandate on fast food restaurants to display calories to promote wellness.

10.  Obama Care  Cost Assistance for the Middle Class and Small Business

Those under 400% of the federal poverty level (Roughly 88k for a family of 4) could save up to 60% on their premiums via tax credits and subsidies on the health insurance exchanges. Small businesses with less than 25 full time employees have this advantage as well.

11.  Obama Care Medicaid Expansion

Those under 133% of the poverty level will (in states that have not opted out of Medicaid Expansion) will be able to be covered now that Obama Care is expanding Medicaid to low income Americans who were left without enough money to afford insurance and too much to qualify for Medicaid.

12.  Obama Care Improvements to Medicare

Obama Care does a lot for Medicare. For the most part these things are great and have already benefited tens of millions of seniors. ObamaCare closes the Medicare drug 'donut hole', provides improved preventive and wellness services with no out of pocket cost and reforms aspects of Medicare to improve overall care for seniors.

13.  Obama Care Quality Over Quantity

Doctors and hospitals will be moved from a system where they are rewarded for providing quality care, instead of being reward for quantity. Many of the provisions to enforce this punish high turnover rates, this however has some unintended consequences. Some doctors and health care institutions are getting hit hard from this, although the overall reform will create a better health care system for all Americans.

14.  Obama Care Oversight Committees

159 new boards, agencies and programs are created by Obama Care to oversee spending and to ensure Obama Care is working correctly. Having oversight on a reform of this size needs to be mandatory to ensure to program works. It's important to note that ObamaCare doesn't ration healthcare, rather it regulates the health insurance industry who have been rationing our health care for years. Your health care is still between you and your doctor and determined by your private insurance.

Now I know this will cause some stir. Please, please leave your comments on below. I will deal with the negative parts of Obama Care in a few Days.  We need rebuttals.

Source of this information can be found at http://obamacarefacts.com/ 

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