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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Obama Care News Alert June 1, 2016

Obama Care News Alert Week June 01, 2016

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Daily update  June 1, 2016
Washington Times
Obama admin evading questions of illegal Obamacare funding, House GOP says
Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Mathews Burwell (right) looks on as President Obama delivers remarks during a meeting with people ...
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Charlotte Business Journal
Washington Times
Louisiana kicks off Medicaid expansion, marking 'tipping point' under Obamacare
As written, Obamacare expanded Medicaid in every state so that people living in poverty could be covered, while those with slightly higher incomes ...
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Americans for Tax Reform (blog)
Ohio's Obamacare Co-op Shutting its Doors
With the end of Obama's presidency approaching, the end of the ill-fated Obamacareco-op experiment appears to be fast approaching too. Last week ...
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Survey Of Obamacare Enrollees Sheds Light On Importance Of Unlawful Payments To Insurers
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) cost sharing reduction (CSR) program received significant attention last month after U.S. District Court Judge ...
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Town Hall
HHS Responds to Subpoena of Obamacare Program With One Heavily Edited Document
House GOP members requested a year ago that the Department of Health and Human Services provide information into how it funds Obamacare's ...
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Where is the administration getting the money to fund these Obamacareprograms?
Congress is looking into the funding for several Obamacare programs for which no money has been directly appropriated. Earlier this month, a federal ...
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NC Insurers Propose 18%-Plus Premium Increases OnObamacare Exchange
In North Carolina, the two largest remaining insurance companies on theObamacare exchange are requesting average premium increases of more ...
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The Shady Bailouts of Obamacare
The Shady Bailouts of Obamacare. May 31, 2016 by AFP. More and more signs are pointing to a full-on derailment Obamacare, the president's ...
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