Friday, July 8, 2016

How to get Obama Care

How To Get Obama Care Health Insurance 

How To Get Obamacare Healthcare.gov Enrollment Application Step By Step

How can I get affordable Health Care? 

Where Do I Go To Get The Obama Care Insurance?

Believe it or not, this is still a legitimate question that is being asked by many. Yes even as late as July 2016, I am still getting requests on my Obamacare 911 Affordable HealthCare Act FaceBook Page   And Obamacare 911 Blog  

Why you might ask? Well I truly believe it is through miss- education, on purpose. There are still many, and I underline the word ...... many that Hate Obama Care with a passion.

But we already know that so let's get down to the business at hand.

How does a person sign up for obamacare. Really the process is rather easy.
1. Set Up An Account @ www.healthcare.gov.    
 ( This is State's that are using Healthcare.gov as their MarketPlace)

2. Fill out the application online. You must provide information about your Family. Including Income, Household size, Current health coverage information, and more......

3.Compare your option's .

4. Enroll , of course this has to be done doing enrollment season. 

That's it, That easy, That Simple. Good Luck to you.