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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Obama Care, The Results Are Really What Matter's

The Results Of Obama Care In The Life Of One Person

The Results are coming in, and the outcome speaks for itself. Surely if the bill would have been defeated or even postpone, many and I do mean many would have lost their lives. I say #HumanBeingsLivesMatter 

It is not always easy to go against the tide of opposing opinion. Especially when the Opposing Opinion has such commanding control of media.  I want to say to President Obama, I am not in your shoes, so I don't see everything you have to deal with. Nor am I privy to all the information you get to make informed decisions on. 

But I will say on behalf of many of American's, #thankyouforobamacare   #obamacaresavedmanylives

Watch the video:

This Republican never supported President Obama—until Obamacare saved his life.

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