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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Obama Care News Alert 07-04-2015

News Alerts Obama Care 07-04-2015

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Obama Care Current News Alert 07-04-2015

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Daily update  July 4, 2015
The Hill (blog)
McConnell: ObamaCare to blame for health care consolidation
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is blaming ObamaCare for the consolidation of insurers after health insurance giant Aetna ...
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Will it take a GOP president to plug the gaping hole inObamacare?
After the dramatic events of last week, particularly the survival of the Affordable CareAct's subsidies, it's plain that the Obama administration is ...
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Three Challenges Impacting the Future of Obamacare
Last week's Supreme Court decision puts the Affordable Care Act firmly and securely into institutional and cultural permanence. It still bears flaws due ...
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Obamacare Prices Could Rise If Blue Cross Plans Face More Competition
The nation's Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans have kept premiums “comparatively low” to large national carriers like Aetna (AET), Cigna (CI) and ...
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Fox Business
Small Businesses Face Obscure Obamacare Penalty
Before Obamacare -- with its mandate that all Americans purchase insurance and requirement for businesses to offer employees insurance plans ...
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Obamacare cash drives health care merger mania
LOS ANGELES — A gusher of Obamacare money is fueling a merger frenzy in U.S. healthcare. The latest jolt came Thursday when Woodland Hills ...
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MCCONNELL: Proposed sale of Humana the result of 'Obamacare'
This morning's announcement, as I predicted during the debate five years ago, is the inevitable result of Obamacare's push toward consolidation as ...
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John Oliver Mocks Media for Repeatedly Declaring 'End ofObamacare'
Is this the end of Obamacare? It's a question that seemingly gets asked quite a lot on cable news, as shown to humorous effect by John Oliver on ...
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