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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Obamacare Repealed

Is Obama Care Being Repealed

Boehner holding a gavel, striking after the gop led house repeals obamacare  With the current political climate still prevailing, Obama care has been voted on and approved by the GOP- Led House of Representatives to be repealed. By 228-199. Well we didn't see that coming. Did we? Obama care repealed in the House. 

What I think is the sad part of this bill that just passed is that it is placed solely on the backs of those Americans that need the most help. Not only to educate to become productive income producing members of society, but to be able to simply survive. 

How do you cut programs like The Pell Grant, and

Past Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program   

To balance the budget??????

Now with the same breath, approving Huge Tax Breaks For The Rich .

Top 1% Can Be Happy Over Passed Bill In The House. It Favors The Wealthy.

Oh We must not forget that we will fund our Military at all cost. This is a must read: House GOP Approves Budget To Hike Defense, But Slash Safety- Net Programs. Go figure.

Well call me crazy, but I am again beginning to wonder is this the change that America is looking for. 

NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

Here is a side note: Senator TED CRUZ  Signing Up For ObamaCare................On Tell Me It's Not So.

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P.S. Obama Care Is Not Perfect In The Present State. Fix It, Don't Kill It.  To Many Lives Are At Stake.

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