Monday, July 28, 2014

Murder Of Obama Care

The Murder Of Obama care

obama Care murdered a pic with a train off the tracks

Murder: The Unlawful Premeditated Killing Of A Human Being By Another.

Pretty strong words that I have chosen. I know, but as I was thinking about the effort's that has been put forth into bringing down Obama Care. 

That thought came to me THE MURDER OF OBAMA CARE. 

Here's Why:

1). There has been a relentless effort to first prevent, secondly stop, and thirdly derail the Affordable HealthCare Act.

2). With all the effort put forth, there has never even been offered another solution to replace Obama care. The push is always to just bring it down. Stop it at all cost.

See Video:

I'll make this short and sweet. If the powers that be are dead set on destroying Obamacare. If the powers that be are dead set on not offering another system to help the American people.

It would seem to me that they then are set to derail this Obamacare train, no matter what the cost. 

Doesn't matter who it affects. Just blow it up. Stop the Bill. Overturn the law. Reverse the health care plan that are now a reality to so many that never had care before. Deny groups of people treatment ( no matter how small or great) that this law  is helping. 

This thought ( to stop obamacare at any cost) seems to me to be premeditated. There are those that are in power that are laying the groundwork to get this Obama Care Train off it's track. Derail, Derail, Derail, is the battle cry.

Murder of Obama care I say. You say it's just a law. Don't mean nothing. Intangible, Just a law.

Final thought's:

Maybe You Are Right. Cause This Train To Jump The Tracks. Look At A Healthcare Program Down The Road After And Only After The Train Is Off The Track.

The Reason I Call This The Murder Of Obama Care. It's Simple To Me. 

What About All The Grandmothers, PaPa's, Mom & Dad's, Sister and Brother's Children, Babies, Pre-existing Conditions, Just Ordinary People That are Riding That Train.

When Train Is Derailed. Obama Care Is Finished. And The People Lay Sprawled Out On The Tracks. Dead Or Dying, Because Of No Health Care. 

Is this: Murder: The Unlawful Premeditated Killing Of A Human Being By Another.

Just asking A Question. Comment, let Me know.


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