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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou and Women's Health

The Maya Angelou and Women's Health

a Picture of Maya Angelou Women Medical Center

What Can Be Said About Maya Angelou? More than what can be said in a lifetime. The reason for this is that She touched so many lives. Really too many to count. Her voice, the strength that it carried was shaped by Her own life and struggles. What an amazing journey She has traveled. allowing us to peer into many parts of Her experiences. Thus learning as Ms. Angelou recited what She saw.

I used to drive a bus throughout Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Western Nebraska. One day while riding with another drive, a person that was blind got on the bus. From then on the driver whenever He would speak, he described with detail about shapes and colors and speed, and how high or low something that he saw was. I finally caught on. He described that so that the sightless person could, as the old saying was: "See what I'm saying" .

Maya Angelou had that ability. To make you SEE WHAT SHE WAS SAYING.

This is a post to Honor The Memory Of Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou did something with Health care for women. She didn't just talk about it, She was being about it.

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