Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama Care Signups

Why So Many Obama Care Sign ups ?

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What happen. Why so many sign ups for Obama care?

I heard so many negative things about Obama Care. To tell you the truth I was beginning to doubt if the public John or Jane Q would sign up to receive any benefits at all. Really I think the old trick of calling something that it is not for so long, it will catch on and the crowd will go with the most repeated thoughts and words. Does not matter if they are right or not. 

Think about it......... I gave an example in the early part of last year when I first started this blog. About, how a person that had cancer. According to the doctor it was terminal. This person was so against Obama care. Called the President the N...... word. Cussed Him ( the President ) out, in private of course. Yet that same person was going to get benefit's from the Health Care Act, when enacted. As a matter of fact is receiving benefits as we speak. HOW CRAZY IS THAT ? You are enjoying the benefits but hate the program. That is mind blowing to say the least. You would think Obama care was crack cocaine and the person was the junkie. Truly a love / hate relationship.

Okay let me get off that horse. So really the big question remains How we got  to 8 million Obama Care sign ups.

They tell me that the (not gold or silver) coin dollar, half-dollar, quarter, dime , and nickle are not even worth or should I say worth less than what is stamped on the coins itself.

It is said the penny is the only coin that is worth more than it's stamp. In fact twice the value. Due to the copper. 

So, for what it's worth, I'll give you my 2 cents.

Maybe the Obama Care sign ups reflect that people really needed The Affordable Health Act.

As one of my Granddaughter's would say." Really Papa, Really".

Yes LeLe, really. There are people that really do need help.

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Yours Bishop Trimm

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Obama Care Sign ups


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