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Saturday, March 1, 2014

#Obamacare The Division Of This Country

Obamacare: The Division Of This Country

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IS Obama Care Cause For Division In This Country ?

Many would argue that Obama Care is enough of a cause to divide this Great Country.

It has been said that Obamacare is the most partisan piece of social legislation passed in the last 100 years. If you are Democrat, for the most part you are for it. While for sure if you are a leader in the Republican ranks you are against it. 

In my search for answers I found an interesting, What I think is are the top reasons why people are against Obama Care.                         
1.   It Represents the End of Limited Government 

2.  Its Price Tag is Already Ballooning  (Cost To Much)

3. Obama care Won't Make Us Healthier

4. It's not paid for

5. Individual Mandate Means Less Liberty and More taxes.

This a link to something very interesting: Reopen The Government A MUST SEE

Those are just a few of the reasons why to be against Obama Care.

In all fairness I will list some of the reasons Obama care is good for America- Americans. Well a video:

Okay I am going to give my two cents. For what it's worth.

The message seems to be consistent, the concern is 

about government, Not about the people. A concern about government growing to large, and nothing about Health Care for the people that really need it.

All the hard fought issue's in this nation, over the last 300 yrs. has been over social issue's.

First look at the forming of this Great Nation. Independence. Fighting because: 

Taxation without representation. Enough to start the Revolutionary war.

Civil War. Was said to be fought over slavery. But with a closer examination of the facts, it appears to be fought over the all mighty dollar. Slavery was just a big part in producing those dollars and keeping an economy afloat.

Civil Rights Issue. The fight to help people to be treated with respect and dignity.

Now we are engaged in a battle still, on several things. But Obama Care is receiving the blunt of the blow. Somehow if we stop it or get rid of it all together it will go a long way to fixing our nation.

I'm sorry, I don't believe that. We have more deep seated problem's than just us over turning a law that can help 48 million Americans plus.

Our problems in my opinion is with our concern, or lack of, about our fellow Man. There was a brother talking with the Almighty one day and asked a arrogant question, Am I My Brother's Keeper.

I think as soon as we can come to an understanding of this one question, the better we will be as Country. Not turning our heads, or walking on the other side of the road, but pouring some oil on Him-Her, meeting His-Her Immediate needs, Taking Him-Her to the Inn, Paying for the room, and if it go over have the Inn send us the bill.

If you think that cost to much. Look at what it COST US FOR WAR

Surly this divide can be fixed. All we have to do is be concerned enough to care about one another, you know our Brother- Sister. I Mean Care About All Of Us Enough For All Of Us To Make A Difference. OH, Thinking out loud again.

Obama care Division of this Country; Shouldn't Be. 


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