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Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Is The Truth About Obama Care?

Who Is Telling The Truth About Obama Care?

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Okay, what is the real truth about ObamaCare? 

The question is still a very hot topic. The answer, well not easy to obtain. Or maybe a better way to say it is: It depends on who you are asking.

Sure The Affordable HealthCare Act is far from being perfect. And there are legitimate truth's on both sides. There can be no debate on that. 

But what Obama Care is, will only be truly understood by those that are directed impacted by this Health law. Many people now have an direct involvement with what obamacare can and cannot do. It is those individuals whose voice give the most accurate account of the pros and cons of Obama Care. 

I want you to consider something. When misinformation is pushed and the general public is fed a line, it does a injustice to those that are seeking real truths. 

Remember the program from Jimmy Kimmel live that showed just how misinformed people were about obamacare. Take A Look:


Well some of the powers that be seem to be at it again to mislead the general public about Obama care.
Click This link to See:   Truth Test About Obama Care   

Is Obamacare perfect? In my opinion it is far from it. BUT IT IS A START. I think it is better to do some than nothing. Again, please understand me. I am not pro-obamacare. What I am is pro taking care of American citizens. I think Obama Care is a good start. And now the best and the brightest minds that are in the Healthcare field can take a model and construct an amazing system that will benefit all Americans. (Again My Opinion).

Why not have a mind to help our people. Fix the Law so that it is a hand-up, not a hand-out. 

Whatever the truth's are about Obamacare, from wherever you stand. Your experience good or bad. Let me ask us to consider one thing.


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