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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Obama Care Is Helping Traditional Health Care

Say What! Obama Care Is Helping

List of items to show how obama care is helping

The fact is Obama Care is helping traditional health care. Fight it as we may. Those that are being helped are in the millions.

To say that I am an expert on this subject would not be the truth. I am a person that follow the information that is released closely. 

What I have found. While there has been in the media a cry to overthrow - overturn Obama Care. ordinary people are benefiting from it everyday. 

Well the picture is worth a thousand words:

1.1 Billion in Rebates To Consumers.

3.1 Million More Adults Insured.

105 Million American's Receive Free Access To Preventive Care
 ( Which is saving on cost & saving lives )

Okay I know it is hard to hear it from me. I really am nobody in the scheme of things as it relate to health care. Just another Veteran that is thankful for the http://www.va.gov   . It has saved my live.

With that being said. If my word's aren't good enough please read this post:

Surprise: Obamacare is helping, not hurting, traditional health care 

In the words of Oldtimers. If you don't know just ask somebody.

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