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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ObamaCare: Myths About Health Care Reform

As Always My Brother's And Sisters, I Lay These Things Out For Your Review And Consideration. It Is Up To You To Form Your Own Opinion. 

                                  Part # 1  :       More To Come

Separating the ObamaCare Facts from the ObamaCare Myths 2013 and Beyond

The ObamaCare Myths about health care aren't just confusing, they are wrong. ObamaCare myths range from premium increases to Obama Care planting chips in all Americans. Find out the truth behind the Myths about Obamacare. When it comes to the well being of Americans, there is no room for opinion and rhetoric.

ObamaCare FactsThe Following Are Some Common Myths About Obama's Health Care Reform

New ObamaCare myths are coming out everyday, keep checking back as we fact check the rhetoric.
ObamaCare Myth: Obamacare Means Higher Premiums
Obamacare stops insurance companies from raising premiums on sick people or people with preexisting conditions.
Obamacare also lets you shop health insurance on the "insurance exchanges", an online  market where health care providers offer affordable quality health care to compete to be your health care provider.
A recent CBO report shows that ObamaCare is projected to lower most Americans insurance premiums by 5 - 7%. That being said some Americans, especially families around the 400% FLP mark are projected to pay more for insurance as are those who purchase high-cost plans.
Be aware however, that some insurance companies are raising your rates now while they can still get away with it. ObamaCare prevents insurance companies from raising your premiums for profit come 2014.
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