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Monday, June 6, 2016

What Are Republicans Going To Do With Obama Care In 2017

What Will Republicans Do With Obama Care It They Win ?

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Will The Republicans Try To Repeal ObamaCare In 2017?

Republicans Repeal Obama Care 2017. Maybe Not. If you go to repealitnow.org and  Repeal it now on facebook, you will find about 168,000 or so Likes on a page that is against Obamacare. After years now of fighting to get rid of Obamacare (62 +  attempts to repeal Obamacare by Republicans ) The momentum seems to have slowed down. To the credit of their consistent attack on the Health care Law. On the 62 try they got the Repeal approved in both Houses, and sent to President Obama. ( we know what happen there ). Even after all that Paul Ryan admitted, there is no replacement for the ACA.    

To Repeal Obama Care would really be a political disaster for the Republicans. But to be truthful  it hasn't yet stopped them from trying. 

It has been said that all Republicans disagree on only one thing when it comes to Obama Care. That is, if they win in November 2016,  What time and place are they going to Repeal The Affordable Care Act. Whether they will do it on the first day in the Oval Office, in the first hour, or in the Limo on the way back from the inauguration. 

News Alert, If they do it it will be a total disaster and absolute catastrophe. Disaster for the Republican Party. Catastrophe for the Country. 

Let's look At What Would Happen If Obama Care is Repealed  

1.  Everyone who benefited from the expansion of Medicaid would immediately lose their Health coverage. That amounts to about 9 million people. 

2. It would affect all the people that now get their health care through the ACA Exchanges. Imagine  10's of millions health care coverage brought into question because the Law no longer allows the access.  

3. About 3 million young people 26 and younger would have coverage, because they would not be allowed to stay under their Parents Insurance. 

4. All the Seniors on Medicare that would no longer be covered by the closed "Doughnut Hole" in Prescription drug Coverage.

We will make this one the last that we will site. Although there are many more.

5. All the Americans that would lose their coverage because of Pre-existing Conditions . If has been estimated that about one half of all Americans have some sort of pre-existing conditions. 

I think that's enough to prove my point. To say the least it would be crazy to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act

And Yet Crazier Things Have Happen.

To answer the question in the heading, 

What Will Republicans Do With Obama Care It They Win

I think they will still try to Repeal Obamacare. But it would be wise on their part if they really think this thing through. 

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot to mention the one thing Republicans On The Hill Fear More than ObamaCare, tick-tock, tick-tock, .............. wait for it. 

My advice: If you can't improve it, leave it alone. 

Charles W. Trimm 

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