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Monday, July 6, 2015

Obama Care News Alert 07-06-2015

News Alerts Obama Care 07-06-2015

Words - Affordable Care Act Alert

Obama Care Current News Alerts 07-06-2015

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Daily update  July 6, 2015
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Conservative alternatives to Obamacare bring own list of tradeoffs
President Barack Obama listens to a question July 1 from the audience at Taylor Stratton Elementary School in Nashville, Tenn., where he spoke ...
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Communities Digital News
Obamacare's pyrotechnics: Happy 5th of July!
Less than a week after six sagacious luminaries on the Supreme Court ruledObamacare constitutional for a second time, the immutable market forces ...
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The Federalist
Obamacare Is About To Sucker-Punch Ohio Employees
Obamacare's mandated metal tiers for benefits eliminate many options for small businesses, including some of the most popular options that were sold ...
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Breitbart News
AP Calls Crippled Economy 'Healthy' Amid Mass Immigration
In a grim report detailing America's severe economic decline, the Associated Press brushes off two crucial factors: Mass immigration and Obamacare's ...
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Christie: Would Have Won Gay Marriage, Obamacare Cases With 'Christie-type Justices'
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says that unlike his GOP presidential competitors, he actually has appointed Supreme Court justices and has proof of ...
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Obamacare is now here to stay
The GOP appears not to be very happy when the Supreme Court ruled in favor ofObamacare, but don't kid yourself, we all know that they are very ...
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Wall Street Journal
How the Affordable Care Act Is Reducing Competition
This trend is a direct consequence of ObamaCare, reflecting the naïveté of its architects and the fulfillment of their myopic vision. For Aetna, the deal is ...
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Raw Story
Washington Times
John Roberts, Supreme Court chief justice, may be beyond reconciliation with conservatives
In the most recent Obamacare decision, Justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative fixture on the court, blasted his fellow justices, saying Mr. Obama's ...
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Obamacare hikes: Unsubsidized? Out of luck! Fortun…
Obamacare hikes: Unsubsidized? Out of luck! Fortunately for ... Post navigation. ← Reposting: My attempt to describe Obamacare's core… Logging In..
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RockPrincess on Twitter: "Most of the #Obamacare fans are still on their parents insurance."
@Rockprincess818 Yeah, the last thing I was thinking about at 23 was, "Goody, I get to stay on daddy's insurance." I was too busy working. 2 retweets ...
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