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Monday, June 29, 2015

06-29-15 Obama Care Daily News Alert

Obama Care Daily News Alerts

Daily update  June 29, 2015
The Hill
Washington Times
Obamacare, gay marriage Supreme Court rulings force states to change laws
Pivotal Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage and Obamacare are reverberating in the states, where some officials are slow-walking overnight ...
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Wall Street Journal
Repairing the ObamaCare Wreckage
Nationally, the gap between private insurance payment and government underpayment has doubled since ObamaCare, according to a 2014 study by ...
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King v. Burwell Changes Nothing; Obamacare Is Still Rife With Problems
Some states will opt to keep Obamacare, and others experiment with very different arrangements. But a federalism-first approach to reform will ...
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Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Congressional Intent And Obamacare
Chief Justice Roberts has received flak for relying on the grand purposes of the Obamacare law to justify over-riding its plain language in holding that ...
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Obamacare ruling, Charleston shooting: Second look
Elites on Obamacare. Now that the Supreme Court has issued its ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act subsidies, it is time for government elites to ...
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WMUR Manchester
Hillary: We must defend ObamaCare
Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton released a campaign video Mondaytrumpeting the benefits of ObamaCare just days after the law secured a ...
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The Tanning Tax - Another Casualty of Obamacare
Much has been written about the impact Obamacare on families, consumers, and small businesses. A good place to start would be to assist a specific ...
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Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Did Republicans dodge a bullet with last week's Obamacareruling?
Meanwhile, two of your Insiders explore the deepening stalemate in Georgia over the fate of Obamacare in Sunday's AJC – and a possible, if narrow, ...
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