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Saturday, April 4, 2015

What More Can Be Reasonably Done About Obama Care Penalties

Can More Be Done About Penalties?

Affordable Health Care Act. given extra time to sign up for obama care

There seem to be some confusion about enrollment in Obama Care. They keep changing the rules. That health Care.gov . How dare The Affordable Health Care Act give another chance to others who perhaps missed the deadline due to legitimate reasons. ( use your imagination ). Not to mention an opportunity for those that just didn't want it or care. 

Question to me is, Why do that? Make-um all pay the penalty. After all you are Obama Care and you are trying to deny us our liberties. ( Or that's what we have heard ). Just do what we heard you were about doing to the people. Penalty, Penalty. Make Us Pay. Don't make nice, draw blood. 

Alright I'll stop my sarcasm.  Maybe, just maybe there is a speck of concern to help the people make the transition to getting health care. 

Let's see. Go now and sign up. Even though it is after the old deadlines. Let's see if there really is Another Chance to get covered, with no penalties. 

Come back and leave a comment. Let us know how it went. 
Check This map below.

U.S. map special enrollment for affordable health care act


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