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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hurry Up, Let's Repeal Obamacare

Repeal, Repeal, Repeal Obama care

sick baby against obama care

OK as I begin to write this, blog post about repealing the Affordable Health care Act, better known as Obama Care. I am under conviction to keep this as fair as possible.

At first glace one can blindly say The Republicans are out to repeal the Health Care bill. However that would be a very unfair statement. 

Here's Why!

Yes it is true that with Republicans winning both The House & Senate, they can get a lot of bills passed and possibly repealed and there by prevail in their agenda to 1st: Repeal Obama care, Authorize Keystone, and Save The Children.

When you hear statements coming for top Republicans like Mitch McConnell and John Boneher -Repeal Obama Care  

"It also means renewing our commitment to repealing Obama Care which is hurting the Job Market along with Americans' Health care" Really??? Is it hurting the Job Market? 

These are my thoughts :

There really is a hatred for The Affordable Health Care Act Bill, if the first statement to come forth is: A vote to repeal it. Not: here is what is wrong with the bill and let's get rid of those part's  and save the good. So we can consider the people that have benefited from this much need health care access.

Let's just REPEAL "It". Well my thinking is "It" now involves lives and real people. To just dismantle this bill as a statement is, in my opinion wrong. What about the people? Do they matter?

The bill never was perfect. Neither was the Constitution, but it was and is a good starting point. 

My thinking would go something like this, Save The Children, Authorize Keystone, and then fix what does not work in Obama Care. Not repeal it

Oh well, what do I know. I have in my past been accused of backwards thinking. 

I think that this really shows what is in the Heart of SOME NOT All

I believe this is a good place to highlight the unfair statement. To say the Republicans are out to Repeal Obama care is an unfair blanket statement, because I know that there are honest law abiding citizens that are concerned enough for people, to not undermine and destroy lives. They will look at the good and bad, making neccessary changes to the bill for the good of the whole Nation. 

Be they, Republicans or Democrats, their heart's are for the betterment of this country, not a blind hatred for a bill that is far from perfect, but does help save lives and allow access to the health care system.

I'm just saying, If it were left up to me, I would do first things first. SAVE THE CHILDREN- not repeal Obama Care, Fix it.

What You Think?

Bishop Trimm

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