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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Open Season For Obama Health Care

     It's  Soon To Be That Time Again              

" Open Season For Obama Health care"

Well here we are again, open season for Obama Health Care 2015. Starts November 15, 2014.

Obama care open season pic 2015It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by, and it's once again that time to enroll for health care benefits if you do not have any.

The other thing to consider is maybe you can get a better rate than what you have right now. Can Obama Care Help? It really doesn't hurt to simply check. You might find a better deal, make sure to check on the site about the state you are in. Some State's have made it harder than other's for their people to get access to certain health plans. 

It's a good thing by my summation that you are not hearing the cry to Defund Obamacare. The powers that be realize to many people are being helped. But........

Search anyway and see what you may turn up. Those that do not have any health care plan, it would be wise for you to search. The cost of  your coverage may surprise you.

Get started early.

Here is the link for you to get started. Good luck to you.

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