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Sunday, July 6, 2014

President Obama Called The N- Word Again

President Obama Called The N- Word Again

a picture of the chief of police that called President Obama The N- word

Really, President Obama being called the N... Word by the Chief of Police Robert Copeland in New Hampshire .

This is nothing new. Most of this is, I believe, coming from people that do not want to see a Biracial Person in The White House, and the passing of Obama care. I also believe that if he could pass for white, it would be less important an issue. But, because you would not know that The president is bi-racial unless you "know". To look at President Obama is to see a Black Man. 

So is racialism over in America?  I say Actions Speak louder Than Words. 

Watch This I'll be back.:

Okay I'm back and I must say. It really doesn't surprise me. That the "N" word is alive and well in America. To tell you the truth you don't have to travel far in our country to be exposed to "It". I would dare to say it has been said in every community across these United States. And Might I Add, Said Often.

If You have the stomach read this post it will show you that

Racism Is Alive And Well In America!

Okay let me get back to the point at hand. The media and others are attempting to put a spin on what the writer of the piece I'm about to share with you. when in reality the post was Pro- Obama. It was meant to show what is the mentality President Obama is up against in close quarters and behind closed doors.  Read The Story Here For Yourself what Mr. James Lincoln Collier wrote entitled: The N****R in the White house.

I say bravo to you Mister Collier for having the guts to stand up and do something that would bring attention That:

Well I know a lot of the hatred that is being displayed is due to Obama Care being a reality.

So I'll say this to U. Thank you Mr. President For You Vision To help People. I don't agree with everything that is in Obama Care, but that's why we have the legislative part of the Government to right those things that the citizens feel are wrong.

I'm sorry they are still calling you The N*******R Word. It just shows the content of their heart. 

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President Obama Called The N***** Word Again

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