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What does President Obama Want ?

A picture of President Obama in thought

What does President Obama Possibly Want? All one has to do is take a good look at the expression on the President's face to see, He is either frustrated or annoyed. One or the other. Or maybe even tired. 

Have you ever been there a place of anger, frustration, annoyance. Things running, no racing through your mind. You could say many things in answer to the questions and statement's thrown at you. 

But...... you have to pause and remember that you are attempting to server a greater good. A higher moral calling than what is being thrown at you. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that.

Having been in position of authority, on a much smaller scale. I have sometime's found myself attempting to do good, and then having to answer to the power's that be as to why I didn't do it their way. Or why I didn't get their approval. ( Affordable Healthcare is the Law)

Why I didn't WAIT to do what needn't to be done. Please allow me to say this, Many times the need is so great, it requires you to act now. For the Moral Responsibility is greater that the present law. 

I have found this to be true in my own life. I hope you understand this in the spirit in which I am writing it. A man needs a glass of water today, matter of fact, He needs it right now to live. the law is constructed in such a way, that it requires a petition to be signed with so many signatures. Which get's it before a committee that will meet next month. The committee meets and reviews the petition which is approved to start in 60 days. finally 3-4 months latter a watered down version of the petition is passed and you can now give the man water 4 months latter. Water he needed yesterday to live. Matter of fact, he is dead now. 

That might sound far fetched, but that happens all over this Great Country daily. And many have died or are dying. WAITING, Waiting on what ? Approval ? Or waiting until we repeal it. Write a new one, and finally get it approved. Then wait for it to take effect.

(Important Info. Healthcare Flow Chart)

Okay I will stop preaching. You probably didn't want to hear it anyway. May I ask you a favor? Indulge me a few more minute's. You have already gone this far with me.

What does President Obama want? 

*  Well, He could want, to divide or weaken this Great Nation. 

*  He could be after turning us into a socialist country.

*  He may be after dividing the Republican's and Democrat's.

*  Or, He's trying to take our hard earned dollars.

*  Or give the Government greater control over our lives. 

This may sound crazy, but as I was writing this it came to me. 

Maybe, Just Maybe, What the President want's is Healthcare for those that don't have the ability to afford it without help.

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