Friday, March 22, 2013


OBAMACARE911 . When you look at the OBAMACARE911 on the surface. There really seems to be no good reason, not to support it. Well, let me first say there seems to be no good reason to support it, especially if you are big business. 

Obamacare911. is a term that came out to slight the New Health Care Bill. That term really mean, lets do all that "WE" can to make this bill seem as though it is harmful to Americans. Once that is established, then lets go after it to bring it down quickly.

It is funny to me when I speak to many common Red Blooded Americans that I truly believe have this nation at heart. They appear to HATE THIS BILL. I can't understand their Hatred or Anger. Some of the same ones that are benefiting from OBAMACARE911  are screaming from the top of their lungs to get rid of it. 

It truly gives a new meaning to the blind leading the blind. If this Obamacare911 is ever repealed and reversed, it will be the common citizen of the United States that will suffer. Sure the cost will be Higher, WHY? you say, The Insurance companies have decided to raise the prices as to not affect their wind fall profits. IT IS SHAMEFUL.!!!!!!!  And the average Joe that is uninformed speaks out while Grandma don't have the money to do a PAPS Smear that would add years to Her life. How do we pass a lack of concern for our fellow brothers and sisters off as being Patriots. REALLY. 

My Opinion is that we can afford OBAMACARE911, if we want to. Did you know that it takes time for Benefits to kick in for Veterans Families, when Soliders have been killed in action. Many of those Wives and Children need the benefits that Obama Care 911 will provides to bridge the gap, until their Military Benefits kick in. 

WHAT A SHAME. Why don't we trim the fat and not cut the meat to the bone. It Hurts real bad when you cut that deep. ObamaCare911 may not in its present form be the best that it can be now. But I believe that we have some of the Best and the Brightest Of Minds on the planet. Surely we can figure this one out. Is there something better than ObamaCare911? Maybe. But the help is needed now. Don't throw the Baby Out with the Wash. Come on America. I believe we are better that that. 

I would like to remind you of the benefits that I found on my journey. Lets get rid of the bad and keep the GOOD OF "OBAMACARE911". What Do You Say? 

A Reminder Of Some benefits CLICK BELOW:


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