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Monday, January 28, 2013

Pros and Cons of ObamaCare for Businesses

Small Businesses will only see the pros of ObamaCare while firms who don't already provide insurance and their employees will face readjustment. However only .2% of firms with over 50 employees don't already provide insurance to their full-time employees. A big pro for ObamaCare is that it provides millions in tax credits to small businesses with under 25 employees to help offset the cost of buying health insurance for their employees. Small business has historically struggled to provide benefits to workers and half of Americans uninsured are small business owners, workers or dependents.

Hello Everyone. Can anyone tell me what your thoughts are about Affordable Health Care Act , better known as ObamaCare. I am Really trying to wrap my head around this whole Idea, that the Obama care is so terrible. Am I missisng it.
Okay point #1     .2% of firms with over 50 employees, They don't provide insurance to their full-time employees will be affected. ( They will have to provide insurance to their employees?????????)

Isn't that terrible. That should never be a requirement, you know I'm jocking Right?  Really is This so bad. Now let me say in the defence of those that are strongly for this without possibility of any change. Maybe the thoughts are justified. Maybe there should be something put in place to over see this part of the bill. To help with getting TAX- CUTS  To That group also.

The Other 98% of business will Receive MILLIONS of Tax Credits to off set their providing ObamaCare to there employees. WOW That seems to me fair ( just thinking out loud ). If It seems like I am taking sides, I AM NOT TRYING TO. just looking at the PROS and CONS Of Obamacare - Affordable Health Care Act.

To tell you the truth. it Really Seems Like The Old saying. " It MUST BE THE MONEY" What are the value of people? I remember when if U got a full time job , Health Care would  be a part of the package. We have some things broken in the United States. I pray we can fix them.


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