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Thursday, January 17, 2013

OBAMACARE Pros and Cons, Health Insurance for Low-Income Americans

Obama Care 911 Pros and Cons

Health Insurance For Low-income Americans. Low Income Americans will enjoy more ObamaCare pros than cons. Since ObamaCare works on a sliding scale most low income Americans, especially those without insurance, will see nothing but benefits. Medicaid expansion will cover over 15 million low-income individuals and families below the 133% FLP mark.
The cons of "ObamaCare" for low-income Americans are that some states will have the option of opting out of coverage for their poorest, despite 100% federal funding for the first year and 90% there after. This move isn't just to save money (it's arguable whether it saves or makes money for the State, studies have show both outcomes, however it's all projection at this point), it's actually a politically driven move to "break" ObamaCare. The opt-out is projected to leave 2 to 3 million low-income Americans without coverage.
NOTE: The accusations of Some State reps trying to "break" ObamaCare isn't something we are speculating or have made up. It's readily available information on conservative blogs. It's no secret a portion of the GOP wants to repeal ObamaCare, they just so happen to have a strategic plan that includes "breaking" the Exchanges and Medicaid Expansion. Unfortunately ObamaCare isn't just going away, and Americans seem to be caught in the crossfire.

Thoughts : Okay Let Me Get This Straight The Poor Will Be Blessed With Much Needed Health Care That They May Never Be able to Get If Not For The Affordable Health Care Act. The Federal Government Will Pay 100% Of The Cost The First Year And there After The Fed's Will Pay 90% Forever Only Leaving The State's To Pick Up 10% of The Cost. OKAAAAAY???????

So If The State Opts Out Then Those That Are  Low-Income Will Lose Out By Not Having Health Care That Is Needed Any Way. If The Low- Income Are Provide With This Health Care , Will This Not Save The State's From The Cost Of Emergency Care Which The State End's Up Absorbing Anyway. Which In Turn Cost The State Way More Than 10%? 
I'm Trying To Wrap My Head Around This. What Is Wrong With This??????  OBAMACARE 911.

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